ED treatment

Erectile dysfunction, which we used to call impotence (although it is not quite right), can talk about many serious diseases that can not be ignored.

“The reason is not always psychological. Erection problems that have occurred suddenly, often are an early sign of cardiovascular disease. Erectile dysfunction may indicate that the blood flow in other parts of the body is also impaired,” says urologist Daniel Shoskes, MD.

Here are just some of the conditions that can stand behind problems with erection:

  • Hypotestosteronemia
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

For this reason, experts strongly recommend that men with erectile problems should consult a doctor as soon as possible without self-medication. Of course, in most cases, an erection can be restored with the help of “blue pills”, but you will not know what is going on in your body actually.

In addition to the above reasons, erectile dysfunction can be caused by certain medicines, alcohol, tobacco, drugs. Erection problems also occur in men who have suffered trauma or surgery in the spine or pelvis.

Is it necessary to treat erectile dysfunction?

“We do not have any strict recommendations on this matter. Everything depends on the specific case, on how much it worries the patient. If you want to live a full sexual life, but the disease does not allow you to do this, then there are many therapeutic options that, in the overwhelming majority of cases, return the joy of sex to men. In any case, you should come to the examination and establish the cause.” Dr. Shoskes says.

Therapeutic options for erectile dysfunction

Today, doctors have a huge arsenal of highly effective methods for treating erectile dysfunction, and the disease began to be treated much easier than it was 20-30 years ago.

Here are some of the modern options:

  • Pills. Preparations from the group of PDE-5 inhibitors, such as sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis) or vardenafil (Levitra), are effective in most men.
  • Injection. In some cases, doctors still offer injections into the cavernous bodies of the penis, which cause a permanent erection, but are uncomfortable and painful.
  • Hormones. With a decrease in testosterone levels, hormone replacement therapy can help – gels, pills, injections, testosterone patches.
  • Vacuum pumps. These mechanical devices should be recommended by your doctor, as they are dangerous if used alone.
  • Penile dentures. They are implantable products with certain mechanical properties that are surgically implanted in the penis.

“Erectile dysfunction is always caused by something a specialist has to deal with. There is nothing to be afraid of, and the treatment today, as a rule, is simple and effective, “says the doctor.