Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) strikes millions of men every year and makes them doubt their sexual potency. According to the National Institutes of Health, over 50% of the male population over 60 years struggle with this problem. ED can happen to any man anytime in his life regardless of age. Fatigue, stress, work and family conflicts, abuse of alcohol and heavy smoking are causes of erectile dysfunction. In a modern urban environment, erectile dysfunction is getting younger and strikes younger men. It happens because of work related stress, exhaustion, lack of sleep, physical diseases, and psychological problems.

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A doctor diagnoses erectile dysfunction if a man cannot get a firm erection and perform a sexual intercourse longer than a few weeks. There are significant scientific and pharmaceutical advances like vacuum constriction devices, penile implants and plastic surgeries to offer a solution to a problem of erectile dysfunction. Still, many men would rather get their natural erection back without surgeries.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction? Naturally, many factors from excessive weight to trauma increase the risk of developing this disease.

Erection is a work of art of male body achieved in cooperation among hormonal, cardiovascular, nervous and muscular systems. Any break down in this chain reaction disrupts the normal functioning of the male sexual organ. At first sight, even such unrelated health issues like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, multiple sclerosis, smoking, Parkinson’s disease, prostatitis can cause sexual impotence. Recent research has shown a direct link between alcohol abuse and sexual weakness. 72% of alcoholics suffer from erectile dysfunction.

It is important not to ignore the problem and immediately consult a doctor because impotence can lead to other adverse psychological and physiological outcomes and worsen your condition. Treating erectile dysfunction with innovative and safe pharmacological products is possible.

Cialis is one of the most effective drugs to treat erectile dysfunction and to improve male sexual health. It contains oysters and seaweed extracts. The pill restores erection and extends the duration of the sexual intercourse. Overall, it significantly improves the quality and quantity of sex for men. The main active ingredient of Cialis is Tadalafil. It belongs to the group of inhibitors that help men to get and keep the firm erection and successfully perform sexual intercourse.

After administration of the miracle pill, the active ingredient is absorbed by blood and starts working in tissues of the sexual organ by relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow resulting in the erection. It should be noted that the erection is achieved only in case of sexual stimulation. Without it, there is no desired effect. Besides, men should understand that the drug doesn’t treat the underlying cause of the problem with poor blood circulation. Also, Cialis has a limited time of action –- about 36 hours – the longest duration when compared to its analogues.

Because of its efficacy, Cialis restores self-confidence in men with erectile dysfunction. Clinical trials show that more than 80% of patients with erectile dysfunction of different etymologies had positive results and improved erection.
According to the instruction, one tablet of Cialis can be taken with or without food 30 minutes before the planned sexual contact. The drug starts acting after 15-30 minutes. Importantly, men need to remember that doctors do not advise exceeding the recommended dose of medication because it can lead to undesirable consequences concerning male health.


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