What to do if it does not arise: the causes and solutions to the delicate problem.

erectile dysfunction

Potency is of great importance for every man, so for any violations and changes in the work of the “best friend”, men only begin to smoke nervously and only a few of them run to the doctor.

Of course, there is nothing more terrible for a man than to admit to problems with potency so they don’t want to look for real reasons why it is not necessary to contact a specialist for qualified help. However, this term has not been used in the literature in the last decade and is considered obsolete – instead of “impotence” they speak of “erectile dysfunction”.

Erectile dysfunction is an erection dysfunction, in which the hardness¬†of a man’s penis are not enough to commit sexual intercourse.

Recognition of the problem of a weak erection of men – this is half the success. So, for example, if a man had strong stress or anxiety before the sexual act, he got tired at work, did not get enough sleep, got irritated, there was a conflict situation with the woman or sexual incompatibility – this could cause male weakness. If these causes are eliminated, the erection will again be normal.

Psychological trauma can also cause erectile dysfunction during sex. There are no compulsory fears and complexes associated with sexual relations. Childish grievances, self-doubt, emotional shocks of any nature – all this can affect the male health, when at the right time a man does not get up. Remove psychological barriers can be with the help of a psychotherapist or psychologist – in another way cure such problems with penis erection in any way.

When the absence of an erection is accompanied by itching, redness, painful sensations in the groin area, discomfort during urination, inflammation and other unpleasant symptoms – the cause of erectile dysfunction in a venereal disease. Have found out similar signs – immediately address to the urologist which after carrying out of diagnostics will appoint treatment and will help to restore and improve a man’s erection.

Breaking the hormonal background is one of the most common causes of mild erection in men. If suspicions have crept in that the reason that a member does not rise in this particular, it makes sense to pass the test to the level of testosterone. The endocrinologist who will spend inspection will appoint or assist in it or this and will appoint or nominate therapy on increase libido. If there is a violation of the hormonal background, in addition to a bad erection, the man may have other symptoms, including: changing the timbre of the voice; cellulite in the buttocks, thighs and chest; cessation of hair on the body and face. But erectile dysfunction can become the only symptom of hormonal failure.

Vascular disease (endarteritis, extravarius, varicose, atherosclerosis) is one of the most common reasons in the question of why a man does not have a penis. If you have pathologies in the incoming arteries or outgoing veins, the penis rises rarely and only after prolonged excitement. With venous lesions, the penis rises quickly, but the erection may disappear at the most inopportune moment. The health of blood vessels is also affected by the presence of diabetes.

The consequences of improper administration of drugs can also affect the function of the penis. The fact is that some substances that are part of the drugs block the work of sex hormones, violate the overall hormonal balance. But in case of serious illnesses one has to make a difficult choice – to drink medicine or have sex. Probably, it’s better to rub some time and be cured than to satisfy a woman at the expense of one’s health.

To solve the problem of erectile dysfunction, you can go on several paths:

  • Refuse bad habits and smoking;
  • Increase physical activity;
  • Start eating properly;
  • Medicamentous treatment of erection;
  • Elimination of pathology due to which decreased sexual function.

How to strengthen the erection – to achieve the best result, approach the enhancement of erection in a complex way, do not limit yourself to just one item, but combine them, “surrounding” the problem from all sides, without giving her any chance. So, you can significantly improve the functioning of the reproductive system by giving up smoking and drugs, minimizing the use of alcohol. A special condition for recovery is a full rest – sleep at least 8 hours a day. Reconsider your views on life: get rid of unnecessary stresses (we are sure that more than half of the problems surrounding you do not cost even a fraction of the experience).

The sedentary lifestyle will not lead to anything good. It’s no wonder if a man spends all day sitting at a computer and tries not to burden himself with unnecessary gestures, that everything falls down and does not want to get up. Walk more often, sign up for a swimming pool or a gym. If financial possibilities do not allow, once again walk, instead of driving 2-3 stops by bus. You can also go to the store on foot, not by car (unless, of course, the nearest access to the store is not 20 km from your house).

On food, too, should pay attention to improve the erection or prevent early impotence. All these fastfoods, canned food, semi-finished products, fatty and fried dishes still did not bring any benefit to anyone, but harm – as much as necessary. Switch to normal food: eat more cottage cheese, meat, fish, eggs, legumes, oatmeal, liver, pumpkin seeds, mushrooms, garlic, seafood, greens, bran bread, olives, nuts, fruits (especially citrus fruits) and vegetables.

If it’s really bad and the guy does not, you need to resort to medication. Thoughtlessly to swallow tablets, just because they were advertised by a famous actor on TV or you heard about a miraculous medicine on the radio, or read in the newspaper that some super-mega-cool organization has developed a unique composition of tablets that cope with the most neglected cases of impotence. In any case, you will have to go to the doctor, take tests, be examined, find the reason why it does not rise, and only then get a prescription from the doctor with recommendations and go to the pharmacy.

Among the most popular drugs for men are Cialis, Levitra and Viagra. Tablets act on the same principle – they increase blood flow to the penis, effects on the vessels. Means have fully justified their purpose and effectively cope with the problem when a man does not get up, but not in all cases. The result from them will not be if erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological problems or disease.